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Snail White Cream Review: Know If It's Suitable For Your Skin

Looking for a Snail White Cream review? You're at the right place! More of the girls are getting crazy about Snail White Cream, give me a minute and find out why! After more than a week of using Kiss Collagen Mask, once again, I was tempted to purchase another beauty product that's promising to give me what I wanted. I can't help not to give it a try! I think I was just a little more confident using cosmetics like this one because of what Kiss Collagen Mask's effects~~ Hahaha And because it is approved by TFDA (Food and Drug Administration Thailand) and GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), it helped in convincing myself a little more! At that time, my skin is getting better...but then I want more! So I purchased it online despite of the price :) I'm always cautious when it comes to using cosmetic products because I'm afraid that it might lead me to another breakout that I'm going to suffer for a long period of time! Just like before! But then again, I was inspired by what I saw and read about Snail White Cream in other people's blogs. Have you ever imagined yourself having a good skin like the models of Snail White Cream? Well, I did! I told myself that "I want that Snail White Cream! I'm going to try that!". I was so excited to have this product, and gladly it arrived on the next day. And that very same day, I used it and apply on my face before I went to bed. And I decided to have my Snail White Cream review after a month of using it so I could see more of its effects on my skin.

What is Snail White Cream? It is known and called Snail White (Snail Secretion Filtrate Moisture Facial Cream). It's an innovative antiaging cream which is formulated with the snail secretion filtrate. It claims to transform the skin into a more youthful look which includes improving firmness, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, hydrating and making the skin brighter. Snail White Cream contains vitamins which is enriching and softens the skin. It also has natural collagen and elastin which are the main components of the connective tissues in human skin that results in a firmer looking skin. The natural glycolic acid in Snail White Cream helps in exfoliating the skin. Good for all skin types and those with sensitive skins will benefit from it as well. It was a product from Thailand and currently one of their best selling cream, just like Kiss!

What does it offer?

Regenerate Recovery Repairing Restore Renew I guess all these were true! What do you think?

How to use it? Put the snail white cream on your face while just patting it softly using your fingertips. The cream will be absorbed by your skin easily. Just that easy, you're done! It is always does better if you use it twice a day (morning and night).

Snail White Cream review: The effects on me I noticed that it's making my skin brighter, smoother, firmer, and healthier if I'm using it twice a day. Well, this Snail White Cream claimed that benefits, and it's true indeed! But some other times, I wasn't using it twice a day because I am also using Kiss Collagen Mask every other night. But it still works well! In the morning, I'm using it alone on my face and works as my moisturizer. But whenever I wanted to use makeup, I can't find a problem not to use it because it can also be used under makeup. Great, yeah?! The cream may look like it's thick but it's somewhat watery, and when you apply it to your face, it will be easily absorbed. My complexion gets better now. I can go out even without covering up those pimple marks because they are almost gone now. They're easily fade away after a month of using Snail White Cream. As I've said before, I always stay awake at night and usually I'm lack of sleep, but this amazing cream is keeping my pores minimized! This Snail White Cream is well packed into a vacuum hygienic cap that protects the cream from being exposed to the air to keep it fresh and reduce the contamination due to bacteria and germs. Thumbs up for that! One thing I don't like about Snail White Cream was the price! Haha If it will be sold at lower prices but the same quality, I'll probably buy it with no doubt. Because right now, the price is worrying me of the day when my budget can't afford for this Haha As a person who suffered from acne for many years, I must say that giving Snail White Cream a try takes me to the next level! I never thought I could have a better skin anymore! I was stressed because I thought there's no cosmetics that will work on my sensitive and acne prone skin, but I'm glad I gave it a try, too! Have you ever tried this Snail White Cream? Or are you still eyeing to have it soon? Share us your thoughts in the comment box below!

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