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My New Favorite Fashion Finds That Makes Me Want For More

This post is sponsored by Walmart.com but the content and opinions expressed here are my own. Okay, can I make a confession here? I always wanted a denim jacket. You might laugh at this, but I have never owned one! Until recently, I saw one from the Walmart’s incredible We Dress America campaign and I know I have to have it. Though I’m a bit skeptical about the size, I still get one. Ah, because I NEED to have it, I’m so obsessed with this Time & Tru denim jacket! The cute look and the price is worth obsessing for, and it never disappoints. They have lots of good quality and affordable products for all which makes me want to get more, I couldn’t stop at just one! Yeah, right, I ended up with some serious fashion finds! I also got this No Boundaries Junior’s caged neck 3/4 sleeve lace back shirt at Walmart.com for only $10.92. I love that it has a cute caged neck design and a lovely lace at the back. It’s perfect for layering for the crazy and the changing weather. I guess I’m going to get the other colors too, I’m obsessed! I got the Time & Tru denim jacket under $20. The clothing is soft and has some stretch in it, which I really love! I got the size small, and it fits me perfectly. I can also wear some more layer with it, the fitting is so generous. Such a perfect staple for the current season! I’m so excited to try on these lovely products when they arrived at my doorsteps! My husband noticed that I’m on my old shopping habits again, but didn’t complain a thing when he saw me checking how they look like on me in front of the mirror. But instead, he complimented that they look good on me. Yeahhhhh! The funny thing is that when we’re about to go out somewhere with the kids, he asked me why I opted into wearing the cute caged neck top and the denim jacket with jeans instead of the skirt that I used to try on with it. He said he likes it with that skirt. Wow, my husband approves! So I ended up matching it with a skirt that I really like. Just, in case, you’re wondering, the skirt I’m wearing is from my closet, it’s one of my favorites. Wearing my new fashion finds from Walmart.com with this skirt means I’m wearing all my favorites. I know I’m going to wear them on repeat. I’m so happy with my new top and the denim jacket that I’ve been wanting for ages! I’d like to think it’s my husband’s new favorite outfit of mine too. I don’t know what he ate that day, but seems like he loves it so much that he never complain when I asked him to take some photos of me in this outfit. He usually complains whenever I asked him to take more than a couple of shots, but this time is so different. He willingly shot my poses! Ah! My face may have some annoying skin allergies these days but I'm still that one happy soul who found some great finds and new favorites from Walmart’s We Dress America campaign! I definitely want to add more favorites to my wardrobe! If you’re as excited as I am to add more favorites, visit your nearest Walmart store or visit Walmart.com! You’ll find an exciting surprise of comprehensive choices of fashionable offerings! Plus a great free 2-day delivery on most of their products when you order $35 and up! Let's go!

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