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New Hair Care Favorites: Loreal Ever Sleek and Pantene 3 Minute Miracle

Hi, loves! Today's post will be about my new discoveries when I and my sister went to the drugstore last Tuesday. Well, we went there to buy my vitamins, but we left with more than just that, hihi.. I must confess I also bought a shampoo and conditioner that I often see in TV commercials and web ads-- that Pantene 3 minute miracle and Loreal Ever Sleek sulfate-free! :) Oh boy, why do these commercials are too powerful? I can't resist not to grab these products when we passed by the aisle of hair care section. First, I saw the Pantene pro-V 3 minute miracle, it's actually the one that grabs my attention. Then I saw the Loreal Ever Sleek sulfate-free shampoo on display. It's my habit to read the product labels and it sounds impressive so I put it in my basket, too. :) For the past few months, I didn't switch to other brands of shampoo and hair conditioner because I feel like they're working fine with my hair with some diy hair care efforts during shower time. But I guess it's just the right time for me to try these new hair care buddies so I won't be adding some diy hair care treatments on my conditioner because I'm getting lazy, and even lazier lately due to my current condition.

Loreal Ever Sleek Shampoo I am very impressed with this Loreal Ever Sleek sulfate-free smoothing system. You could mistake its performance as a conditioner because it leaves my hair so smooth and more manageable and sleek. :) I love that it is made paraben-free, silicon-free, and sulfate-free. Additionally, it has my favorite olive, argan, and sunflower oils which I usually add on my diy hair conditioner before. Since this shampoo has them, I find it too convenient for me, I don't need to spend some extra time doing some hair care diys because as I've just said, I'm getting lazier these days. When I used it for the first time, I felt the difference just after rinsing it. It's great for frizzy hair! I just hope that this good relationship of my hair and this shampoo will be for a long term. Though I always look for something new to try, all I know is that it's my favorite shampoo as of now.

Pantene 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner Can't remember how many times I saw this Pantene pro-V 3 minute miracle on TV commercials. Sometimes, I was wondering if there is really a hair miracle in just 3 minutes with this conditioner while seeing this on TV, hihi.. Don't call me childish, please.. I'm just someone who's intrigued by the advertisement and by some recommendations from my sister who already tried this conditioner. So I bought it and took it home for me to try to experience how it works. Upon trying it for a few days, I can say I like it. The product label says it repairs damaged hair and helps to reduce protein loss to stop damage progression on hair. I've used it since a few days ago and can't say yet whether it's already working to repair my already damaged hair and split-ends. I suppose it'll take time and requires regular usage. The only result I am sure of, as of now is that it makes my hair even more manageable, softer, and bouncy unlike other Pantene conditioner that I have tried before, it's quite different. I guess this Pantene pro-V 3 minute miracle is just perfect to use it with Loreal Ever Sleek sulfate-free shampoo. Therefore, they are my current hair care favorites. :)

Would you mind sharing yours? So, what's your current favorite shampoo and conditioner? And have you used any of these products?

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