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How I Enjoy Packing My New JJ Cole Bag

Baby number 2 is on the way, yay! And our little Cody is also becoming terribly active as he is approaching age 2. All of these simply mean that our babies and parenting needs are growing. What a luck, I just got a JJ Cole bag--- a Caprice diaper bag! It’s a life-saver for an on-the-go mom like me! For almost a year and a half, I’ve used 3 different diaper bags and I just realized what I have been missing for so long. I never know that there’s something better than what I’ve got until I tried a JJ Cole bag! I’m now confident knowing I found a bag that perfectly suits my needs, not to mention the over-packing.

I’m so happy with this JJ Cole Caprice bag! It has space for everything I want to bring with me. It’s in my nature to always over-pack and brings anything that I think I might need in times of “the unexpected”. I love that it was made with lightweight materials; the bag itself is not heavy at all for a petite mom of my size. I won’t mind having this JJ Cole bag on my shoulder to match most of my outfits because with its design in Heather Gray color, it looks stylish and fashionable without compromising the bag’s functionality. Now I don’t have to feel sorry everytime I pack my baby’s stuffs and mine trying to fit them all in one bag. I’m impressed how this JJ Cole Caprice diaper bag lets me organize our things with its spacious interior, and its multiple organizational compartments are easy and accessibly wide. This bag also comes with a pair of Grips stroller attachments, an adjustable and removable shoulder strap, and a lightweight changing pad.

For my baby You see, we can now bring my Baby Cody’s favorite stuffed toy, mini books, and some more of his toys to entertain him when he gets bored, and put it in one of my bag’s outer pockets. There’s also an outer pocket behind, it’s where I put his diapers and tissue papers for a more easy access. Inside the bag is where I put his milk, bottles, spoon, snacks, some clothes, light blanket, wet wipes, changing pad, thermometer, sanitizer, medicine crusher, and his prescribed medicine.

For my things [read: mom’s beauty essentials] I put my things in the front pocket together with my wallet. On the other one outer pocket is where I put my phone. But with all these stuffs, this bag still has this very inviting space which is enough for me to bring my DSLR camera and iPad. Wow, that’s really a wow because we don’t usually bring them all together given that they won’t fit anymore in my old bags. I’m so confident that it’s capable of bringing all the stuffs we have when Baby number 2 arrived.

This JJ Cole bag is my new favorite! I even told my husband how satisfied I am with this bag over and over. :) So, if you’re an on-the-go mom who wants to keep things organized in a diaper bag while having all the necessities with you, head over to Babies R Us to find the perfect bag that will suit your needs!

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