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How To Get Rid Of Pimples By Using Baking Soda Face Mask

Treating acne doesn't have to be expensive just to get the best of treating satisfaction. Baking soda has been offering absolutely cheap and one of the easiest procedures when it comes to acne home remedies. How to get rid of pimples or how to remove pimples are the commonly asked questions of people suffering from annoying pimples, breakouts and acne just like me before when I am struggling in dealing and covering up acne. Baking soda face mask is one of the homemade remedies for acne that I have been using to get rid of pimples due to breakouts after I switched from chemically based cosmetics to natural and home remedies for acne. It has an effective role on how to get rid of pimples and is helping to achieve a clear skin. Effective and won't hurt your skin and your pocket! [caption id="attachment_213" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Bigstock.com[/caption]

Baking soda face mask The baking soda face mask is not only focusing on how to get rid of pimples or acne but your skin is also benefiting from removal of blackheads and preventing it. This mask is also congregating dry skin while it is drying itself and washes away dry skin as this mask was rinsed. This baking soda acne mask is balancing the pH level of the skin, it is known for neutralizing all kind of acids. At the same time, it is exfoliating the skin and removing excess oils and dirt that's causing more breakouts. There are different methods of making baking soda face mask as home remedies for acne. Let's make a simple, easy, yet effective baking soda face mask!

What you will need:

2tbsps. baking soda 1-2 tbsps. filtered water small bowl spoon


How to get rid of pimples Step 1. Wash your face with your favorite facial wash and then dry it. Step 2. In a bowl, combine baking soda and water to make a paste. Please just gradually add water to make sure that the mixture won't be too watery and too thick. Just make a creamy paste mixture. Step 3. Using your fingertips, apply the baking soda face mask to your face in a circular motion. Give your face a massage avoiding your eye areas while applying your homemade acne mask. Step 4. Let the baking soda face mask stay for 15 minutes until it become totally dry. Step 5. Rinse your face with lukewarm water, and then pat it dry with a clean face towel. Step 6. Put your favorite moisturizer on your face. Baking soda has a drying effect that may dry your skin. Voila! You're done!



Please note that while the baking soda face mask is in your face, you may feel a tingling effect in your face. Don't worry, that's okay. :) And before doing a mask, always make sure that you are using Baking Soda and not Baking Powder! :) Only use baking soda face mask twice a week. Some skin types is not suitable for using this baking soda face mask as their home remedies for pimples. If irritation occurs, stop using it again. I hope you find this post on how to get rid of pimples with baking soda mask useful. Don't forget to share it with your friends. :) You'll get updates of my new posts on my Facebook Page ( Jhem Says ) and on Twitter @jhemkitty. I'll be glad it if you leave a comment below and share your experience on how baking soda face mask works for you!

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