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Get That False Lashes Look (Without Using False Eyelashes)

Long lashes can make eyes look more inviting and enhances the eye features. And in some cases, it helps to achieve a youthful look. But we know that not all of us are blessed to have long eyelashes, and that's why this eyelash hack will help you achieve that look! To get that long lashes looks to emphasize the eyes is not a problem anymore. Nowadays, there are many ways to enhance the growth of eyelashes, and some girls are using eyelash extensions while the others are using false lashes. But those solutions are very time consuming. Here is a simple fix that will give you look like you're using false eyelashes even you're NOT! It will make your lashes look longer and create an illusion like you're using false eyelashes. This is not permanent but the privilege of being able to control how thick or thin your lashes will look like is an advantage. Are you ready to enhance the beauty of you with this lashes trick?

Here's what you'll need:

eyelash curler face powder or baby powder small brush (a blending brush will do) mascara

Let's now make your lashes look fabulous!

Use eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Now use the small brush and sweep it on your face powder or baby powder. You're free to choose whether you want to use a face powder or a baby powder. Both have the same effect which lets the lashes to look much fuller. Start applying a single coat of mascara starting from the bottom and up to the ends of your lashes. Make sure to apply it neatly. Always wait between 3-5 minutes to make sure that your previous coating has been already dry to avoid mascara from getting clumpy. You won't want that, do you? Always do a back and forth stroke while reaching to the ends of your lashes. Don't do a boring stroke from the bottom of your eyelashes up at its ends. Basically, your strokes should be like: down + up, and left + right. The purpose of those strokes is to make sure every lash is fully coated with mascara. And here comes the last step! Take a look of your lashes and check if there's some gap. Just use the tip of your mascara wand to fill it if there is any. That's it, and you're done! Sometimes, two coatings aren't enough. Oh my gosh, maybe I was referring to myself! Haha I admit, I wasn't contented with just two coatings whenever I'm working on my lashes~~~peace sign \m/! This part is what taking my makeup time too long! :) So, if you aren't happy with the result yet, feel free to add more coatings until you get your desired lash looks. But always remember not to overdo it because that will make your lashes heavier, it feels like 1/2 kilo mascara?!!?. LOL :) When it comes to getting a false eyelash look, are you happy with just two coatings? Or are you like me who wants lashes to look thicker? You may want to follow @JhemSaysBeauty on twitter so you'll be updated on my new posts!

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