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My Secret To a Healthy Baby From The Inside and Out

My baby girl is 4 months old today, and I couldn't be happier knowing she's growing healthy and happy. I do really love to breastfeed her from the start. I can't imagine how I survived breastfeeding her exclusively not to mention the nipple sores, cracks, the pain, and the thought that it's just that easy, but it's not always as I imagined.


But look how far we've been, and I know it's the best thing I did to make sure my lovely little Riley is getting all the nutrients she needed to grow healthy and happy. I couldn't be more confident about my baby girl's health without the help of Evivo!


With just my breast milk, I thought I'm already giving my baby girl what she needed. Well, not until Evivo came into our lives and since then we added it to her daily essentials. This little wonder made me and my husband to become more confident that our daughter will grow up healthy and happy from the inside and out. Because with my breast milk and a sachet of Evivo live probiotics daily, I am sure that I am supporting my baby to help her set up early on to a healthier, and happy long life.


Some babies may appear healthy--- they are growing, gaining weight, and even hit their development milestones, but later end up with autoimmune and metabolic issues later in life. When you're a mom, you don't want to risk your little one's health on that, that's why Evivo probiotics is here to help parents.

With a sachet of frozen or refrigerated Evivo activated B. Infantis mixed with a few amount of breast milk, you're all set! The provided syringe is the best thing to use to give your baby her daily dose of Evivo.


As a refresher, B. Infantis plays a big part on babies little guts. It helps to reduce the potentially harmful bacteria linked to allergies, eczema, obesity, and diabetes. So, when these good gut bacteria are thriving before your baby is weaned from breast milk, she is more likely to develop a healthy metabolism and immune system later in life.


Our first trial on their 4 week starter kit has been amazing. You see, we are now on our second month Evivo refill. I completely trust Evivo as they are the first and only clinically proven probiotic to restore little one's gut microbiome to its original, natural state.


As a mother, I know, you guys also want your child to live a happy and healthy long life they deserve. With your love + your priceless breast milk + the science behind Evivo, it's the surest way to start! Learn more about Evivo now!


I'd love you to try Evivo for your little ones, too, and I will be more than happy at the same time if you use my code BLOG4231 so you can save $10 off an Evivo Probiotics Starter Kit of 4 weeks or more!

But if you're going to get a 12, 20, or 24-week Evivo starter kit, feel free to use this code BLOG4232 to get your $20 off.

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