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It's Not Just About Breakfast

Back when I was just a kid, my parents used to tell us that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. You'll agree because that is true, right? My day always starts with a breakfast. For me, it's a-must. And now that I'm a mom, I'd like to pass it to my little boy. Aside from milk, his little tummy is already into having a meal every morning. Oh wait, I guess I don't have to train my little boy about breakfast! I know it gets so messy sometimes, but I really love to see him eating, and hand-picking most of his food with his little hands. That’s cute! And what’s even cute than seeing him sitting beautifully in his high chair! The bonding we have while enjoying our breakfast with this little man is what I love most. Just like today, I just gave him some General Mills Honey Nut Cheerios so he can enjoy filling his little mouth with his little hands while having fun to also feed his curiosity. But of course, I’m helping him most of the times to make sure he’s really getting enough. Me and my husband are also having a bowl of this Big G cereals, we love it! Having us all eating together every morning is helping us to start our day feeling loved and with a smile, though I know being a parent is not all smiles but it feels good and rewarding knowing we have this family together. Honestly, cereals are my always go-to food for breakfast especially when I don’t know what to serve on the table. They are very easy to prepare, or should I say “instant”? Now, that’s up to you. They are so convenient for me because I just can let my little boy enjoy it by filling his mouth with his tiny hands or fingers. Just like Cheerios (get your $1 off now)! And since it is Hispanic Heritage Month, I’m wondering if you already watched Jeanette Kaplun and El Guzi sharing how they put love in the air for their family in the morning while having a bowl of Cheerios? If you haven’t yet, you can subscribe now to stay updated and be the first to watch one!

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