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Black and White Outfits for Summer

Let's talk about black and white outfits for summer today! I love all things white especially when it comes to my outfits. Although this color requires more attention when washing, it's still one on top of my list when it comes to picking a color. It has the look of what we call "neat and clean" but it is more prone to getting dirty and stained visibly. And of course black! Black is one of the most picked colors because it can easily be paired with other colors. Unlike the white ones, when it gets stained, you can't hardly tell it was stained.

Number Print White Dress | Lace Embroidered White Dress | Black Jumpsuit | Wedges | Black Chain Bag | Statement Necklace | Bracelet | Sunglasses

My thoughts about these black and white outfits for summer! The number print white dress will give compliments to your body shape. It'll absolutely look good to those women with a lovely curves and make them look sexier with this street style dress. And that number printed in front looks cool, isn't it? For your sexy feet, that wedges will make it look even sexier. :) Don't forget to pair it with that black bracelet and necklace if you want. And because it's summer, that cat eye sunglasses should always be your buddy! And another white dress.. yes, that one embroidered lace white dress! It was my most favorite among them. Oh, did I just say that white is on top of my preferred colors? It can be paired with that black wedges, carry that black chain bag on your shoulder, and accessorize your hands with that lovely bracelet and put that black statement necklace on your neck. The cat eye shades is just around and will also make a good match with this outfit. :) Now, let's go all black outfit for summer! See that black jumpsuit? Isn't it cute? Although it was black, it won't make you feel like you're inside a burning oven, just look into the design.. It looks comfy and the cuts are just right for summer. Pair it with that lovely wedges to elongate your sexy legs. It's all up to you if you also want to pair it with that black chain bag or you can use any bag of your preference. Pick up that cat eye shades, it's hot outside, you'll need it! And then, that black statement necklace and bracelet will make you a total "woman in black" in comfort this summer! Hope you guys like it!

What's your best bet among them? Share your thoughts, don't be shy, it won't take a while.. :)

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