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It's Going To Be a Cheesy Halloween..!

I'm not that typical sweet, cheesy person you'll know-- no, I'm just not that type. That's not me. I'm just not so showy and so cheesy when it comes to "feelings", but man, let's talk about food and you'll know my cheesy side. I really love cheese and one of my favorite is Mini Babybel®! One of my favorite part of cooking is stuffing chicken breasts with different kinds of cheese. Can you imagine how my Cordon Bleu taste like? :D Everytime I make scrambled eggs, I used to stuff it with cheese along with some tomatoes and spring onions and serve it on the table for my family to eat. My family loves it, I can tell because even my 2 stepchildren who happened to be that picky eaters loves it. And now that Halloween is just a few weeks away, I'd love to make something for them with some cheesy fun and healthy Halloween treat. Because Mini Babybel® is made with 100% real cheese, it makes it the perfect snacking option for my family. Although they have different flavors, we picked the Mini Babybel® original and the Mini Babybel® light because it's my family's favorite flavors. The cute and Halloween themed packaging has inspired me to make an easy, entertaining snacks that everyone will enjoy. I was thinking of making mini monsters with one eye by using Mini Babybel® and putting a peanut coated chocolate on top of it to make it serve as its eye. Until later I changed my mind when I realized my stepson have peanut allergies, so I just grabbed some carrots from the fridge. I was peeling the carrots while at the same time my imagination was so busy. "Should I make monster tongue, or should I make googly eyes with the carrots?", I asked myself. But then I decided I'll just shape some tiny triangles and put 2 of it on each Mini Babybel® to make it look like horns. When I already have the carrot horns on the cheese, I know I'm going to need something more. How about putting eyes on it? Instead of cutting more from the remaining carrots to make the eyes for my mini cheese monsters, I used sweet corn to balance the colors. I started putting 2 pieces of corn on each Mini Babybel®, and now they have eyes. :) I bet raisins will also look nice on it, but I'll just try it next time. I used melted hazelnut spread to decorate the mouth. You may also use melted chocolate if you like. You can also give your mini cheese monster a nose and ears, the possibilities are endless. I am really happy how my Mini Babybel® cheese monster turned out. The kids love it and have fun eating this nutritious treat, especially Mya, my 9-year-old stepdaughter. Even my husband says they are so cute, which I agree of course. Now, here's my easy recipe on how to make this easy and boo-tiful Mini Babybel® Halloween cheese monsters for a spooky-licious Halloween treat.

Mini Babybel® Halloween Cheese Monster Recipe

Things you'll need:

Mini Babybel® cheese original and light Carrot Sweet corn or raisins Hazelnut spread or chocolate

How to make:

Unwrap Mini Babybel® cheese, remove the wax packaging. Set aside. Peel and cut the carrot in tiny triangular shapes to make it look like mini horns. Insert 2 horns to the edge of Mini Babybel®, just around 3 cms apart. Place 2 sweet corn pieces on the upper part of the cheese to make the eyes. Melt the hazelnut spread (or chocolate) in the microwave for 15-30 seconds. When done, dip a fork in the melted hazelnut spread then bring it on top of Mini Babybel® to make a mouth. And done! It's as easy as that! As a mom, you know, sometimes it takes a little effort of creativity to make even the pickiest eater to enjoy what you served, right? I'm sure this will make them smile and admire how amazing their momma is. If they love it, you can always try new things whether it's for Halloween, for family's snack, or for their lunch box. Try and make, your imagination is the limit with Babybel®. :) Pick up your Mini Babybel® at the nearest Target and have a healthy Halloween!

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