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7 Ways To Get A Healthy Looking And Beautiful Feet

A beautiful feet are something anyone would like to achieve, free from callus, corns, dry and cracked heels. If you think that would be difficult for you, then I'll prove you wrong. In this post, we'll discuss about various remedies to have a good looking feet in a little to no cost! [caption id="attachment_433" align="alignleft" width="300"] Image:©Ivonne Wierink/DollarPhotoClub[/caption] At the end of the day, your working hours are done. But your feet are still working for you, to take you wherever you may go. Your body is tired, so as your feet. You never heard your feet complaining, right? Of course, you won't, there's nothing on earth you can hear a foot that talks hehe (peace \m/ ) But didn't you feel guilty whenever you see your feet with callus and dry skin or even cracked heels? That's a turn off! Don't be that sadist, why not give your feet a treat for some time? You'll benefit from it, that's a part of you... a part of your body and personality. A well groomed and beautiful feet could be a reflection of how you give attention to good hygiene practices. Some people may easily judge your personality by just looking at your feet and nails! Let's make it clear, taking care and giving your feet a treat is not just for the eyes of judgmental people that you may meet along the way. Just like the way you're paying close attention to your daily facial routines and other parts of your body, you should also be giving attention to your feet. Because feet area is usually the most neglected part of our body which results from calluses corn, dry skin, and cracked heels. Our feet sufferings also include dirt, mud, bacteria and fungi which may cause infections in the foot areas. There's nothing to lose if you give your feet a proper care.

7 tips to achieve a beautiful feet Here are some tips that can give you a beautiful feet that is free from callus, corns, dry and cracked heels. These are very easy yet relaxing methods that you will surely enjoy!

Relaxing hot soak Make it a habit to give at least 15-20 minutes of your time everyday at night to soak your feet in hot water. I was saying hot, but it doesn't mean super hot, okay? Use a hot water in proper temperature is bearable and won't burn your feet, in short, warm water, and put it in a basin. :) A long tiring day at work will probably make your feet too tired. This hot soak method will surely make you feel relaxed thus opens up the clogged skin pores in the foot area.

Salt in water If you add salt to your hot soak, it can cleanse and soften your feet area. Epsom salt is a good choice, but it's up to you to decide which kind of salt you want to use or available. Dissolve enough amount of salt in warm water in the basin. This method is good in clearing dead skins and calluses on your feet, making it look and feel softer. You may get additional salt and use it to massage your feet to also accelerate the blood flow around the your feet area. And to fully get rid of excess dead skins, you may use a soft brush on it.

Soak with lemon juice and vinegar This is an another option when it comes to giving your feet a pampering soak for a healthy looking and beautiful feet. The preparation of this method is similar to the above strategy. You will also use a warm water and put it in a basin, but instead of adding salt, you will be adding lemon juice and a cupful of vinegar. A pumice stone is also needed in order to scrub the calluses so you'll get a clean and even sole result. This method is also effective as the lemon and vinegar are mild acids which have destructive effects on calluses.

Soak in chamomile tea Prepare a warm water and put it in a basin, simply soak two or three chamomile tea bags in it. Do some stirring so the tea effects will mixed well in water. Right after that, you may soak your feet in it and you'll feel more relaxed because chamomile is known for having a soothing and relaxing effect. Let your feet indulge in that caring treat for around 20 to 30 minutes.

Pumice stone rubbing Use pumice stone while you're soaking your feet in warm water. Rub it on your feet to reduce the hardening of the skin in your foot area and to get rid of peeling skin, and calluses. You must use the pumice stone by rubbing it firmly but in a gentle way to avoid it from irritating your skin. Exclude those sensitive areas of your feet from pumice stone as it may also cause irritations. Aside from a pedicure, it's a useful tool in achieving a beautiful feet!

Moisturizing Moisturizing is essential to keep your beautiful feet from drying out, because scrubbing dead and thickened skins, as well as soaking your feet isn't enough. You can use your favorite foot cream and massage your foot while applying it to fully moisturize it. Using petroleum jelly is an another good option as it has good moisturizing properties which is proven to work well. Just apply it on your feet and give it some massage at the same time. It's always a good habit to wear socks after applying petroleum jelly on your feet overnight to let your skin heal and repair itself.

Choosing the right foot wear Here's the tricky part and most of the times, it turns a beautiful feet into something with calluses, corns, dry and cracks heels, etc. Always make sure that you use a footwear which makes you and your feet comfortable. Because the kind of footwear you use is giving a clue whether you'll be prone to corns, calluses, and any other foot problems. Using footwear with hard soles can promote the formation of calluses on your feet while a tight footwear may lead to the unwanted formation of corns. If your job requires prolonged standing or even walking, it's better if you use a shock-absorbing insoles for your footwear. It's also a good practice to choose a footwear which promotes a normal distribution of your weight against your foot as well as choosing a clean, dry and well-ventilated surroundings for your feet

That's it! Giving your feet some TLC (Tender + Love + Care) isn't that hard and less expensive to no cost. Do any of these foot care tips regularly and say goodbye to calluses, dry skin, and corns! And say hello, beautiful feet! Which of the mentioned foot care tips have you tried? Or if not, which of them are you planning to try soon? Please let me know in the comments. :)

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